Page 9 - HPFL MTP 2045 Main Report Draft
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Table of Contents

               Acronym Guide

                        Acronym                                       Description
                 EJ                      Environmental Justice

                 FAST Act                Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act
                 FHWA                    Federal Highway Administration
                 FTA                     Federal Transit Administration
                 HCT                     Hub City Transit

                 HPFL                    Hattiesburg-Petal-Forrest-Lamar
                 MDOT                    Mississippi Department of Transportation

                 MPA                     Metropolitan Planning Area
                 MPO                     Metropolitan Planning Organization
                 MTP                     Metropolitan Transportation Plan
                 PC                      Policy Committee

                 TC                      Technical Committee
                 TA                      Transportation Alternatives

                 TIP                     Transportation Improvement Program

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