About MULTIPLAN 2045

MULTIPLAN leads the way for development of transportation services and is Mississippi’s statewide transportation plan. It identifies long-range transportation goals and sets the stage for strategic transportation investment over a 25-year horizon. Updated every five years, MULTIPLAN allows for adjustments as the world changes around us.

Updates to MULTIPLAN are being made now and everyone is encouraged to participate.


Determine needs.

Set goals.

Estimate available funding.

Develop strategies and identify projects to meet goals while considering available funding.


Design transportation projects based on the plan.

Look for ways to avoid or find solutions for the impacts that transportation may have on the community and the environment.

Construct / Maintain

Build, repair and maintain roads, bridges, trails and other infrastructure to meet the goals of the plan.

Complete work on schedule, within budget and according to design.

The Big Picture

The Long-Range Transportation Planning Process 


Define our current transportation needs.


Explain long-range transportation planning, why it is important and how people can participate in planning for the future.


Develop growth forecasts.


With input from the public, begin to plan how and where limited transportation function should be spent.


 Develop goals and performance standards for region’s transportation system.


Identify ways to improving transportation.


Develop a financial plan.


Put together a draft long-range transportation plan that includes short-range programs.


Estimate the impact the draft plan might have on the environment.


Invite the public to review and make official comments about the draft plan.

We are here


Develop the final plan, which can be updated or amended if new information is discovered.