MULTIPLAN 2045 completed!

The Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) announces that MULTIPLAN 2045 (Mississippi’s Unified Long-Range Transportation Infrastructure Plan) has been completed and approved by the Mississippi Transportation Commission and is now available to the public.

MULTIPLAN 2045 is a coordinated effort to develop MDOT’s statewide long-range transportation plan and the Metropolitan Transportation Plans for the Central Mississippi Planning and Development District (CMPDD) Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), the Hattiesburg-Petal-Forrest-Lamar (HPFL) MPO, and the Gulf Regional Planning Commission (GRPC) MPO. It includes four separate plans that are developed simultaneously for consistency.

MULTIPLAN 2045 addresses our transportation needs over a 25-year horizon and is updated every five years.

Thank you for your interest and participation in Mississippi’s long-range transportation plan update!

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Each MPO is a federally mandated body responsible for transportation planning in an Urbanized Area (population of at least 50,000). MPOs coordinate the transportation planning process and programs for counties and jurisdictions within the urbanized areas and work with MDOT in developing a truly comprehensive long-range transportation plan.

MPOs are directed by boards with diverse membership, including representatives from local government and transportation authorities.

Central Mississippi Planning and Development District Metropolitan Planning Organization represents
Hinds • Madison • Rankin

Logo for MPO

Metropolitan Planning Organization represents
Forrest • Lamar

Gulf Regional Planning Commission Metropolitan Planning Organization represents
Hancock • Harrison • Jackson